The exhibition titled “Sangre” by Diego Levy served as my first introduction to the power of photo-journalism. His series showcase the violence within the South American life and are a harrowing yet insightful depiction. A great number of his images are graphic and disturbing, but Diego’s ability to expose painful emotions and the reality of his subjects is what truly captivated me from the start.

Years later did I realize exactly how much a profound impact his work had on me. I was fatigued from stereotypical images and desired to explore further into this craft. My motivation was to push for new angles and discover more complex narratives. This simple change of direction, though complex in application, permitted me to discover rare insights on various cultures in my voyages.

A handful of photographers have truly encouraged and continuously driven me to find the next step. Their websites and gallery exhibitions have acted as an open source of inspiration and admiration. This page is dedicated to those that have influenced me in becoming a more rounded photographer.