Scott Murphy is a self-taught contemporary street photographer. Under the pseudonym “Megapixel”, he captures the energy and multi-layered vibe of street life across the globe.

His first encounter with photography was as a gesture to impress a high school crush. Shelling out considerable sums of his savings to purchase his first SLR camera (Pentax MZ-50). When the romance ended, his love for photography remained.

As an adult, his thirst for adventure and travel overruled a career in graphic design and his camera became the catalyst between both careers. His passion for recording dramatic experiences and events informs the work you see today.

He has visited some of the world’s most remarkable and iconic destinations. His work aims to bring a voice to communities who rarely get the attention they deserve. To gain access to the inaccessible. To capture extraordinary scenes amid risky working conditions. Dedication to this craft has taught him patience and understanding towards others and created enriching life experiences. All documented through photography.

Since the street has been a leading source of inspiration, the alias of “Megapixel” was chosen as a salute to some of the international artists whom he respects.